He’s already booked through 2015, so don’t even bother inquiring.

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Toby snacks

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Every morning this happens. He waits by the roll of toilet paper like a weak vulture waiting for a scrap of meat to fall from the frenzy of stronger vultures. And then, he feasts!

i may or may not have shot this while sitting on the toilet.


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But I’d rather hit the snooze button…

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For all you SYTYCD fans….

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Toby is such a n00b at laser tag…

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make my day

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Lately I’ve been getting the feeling that Toby isn’t getting over my vacations. In fact, it seems he becomes more resentful and bitter every day, as if he is laying in wait for me to reach for a suitcase or my toothbrush case so he can make his move. I live in fear.